Faculty Associate Teaching at the University of Wisconsin – Madison

Starting in 1987 and for 26 years, Jeanan Yasiri taught several courses including “Entrepreneurship in Society”, which spanned eight semesters and was broadcast statewide by Wisconsin Public Television. Yasiri's teaching portfolio also includes "Consumer Protection and Political Action", "Building Civil Society Through the Nonprofit Sector" and the following regular offerings through the University of Wisconsin:

Consumer Mediation

  • The Need for Mediation
  • Consumers' Perceptions of Problems
  • Alternative Dispute Resolutions
  • Consumer Rage / Implications
  • How Business Says No
  • Elements of Getting Satisfaction
  • Service Recovery
  • The Bottom Line Benefits of the Consumer Affairs Function
  • The Art of Active Listening
  • Handling Public / Media Needs for Information

Community Collaboratives

  • The Power of Collaboration: Why We Need It Now
  • Understanding Service Learning
  • Essential Concepts in Collaboration
  • Stewardship
  • Corporate Social Responsibility / Corporate Citizenship
  • Understanding The Economic Value of Developing Collaborative Relationships
  • Changing Demographics in the U.S.: Our Need to Focus on Multiculturalism
  • A Framework for Collaboration
  • Reviewing Community Based Collaboratives in Action – The Dane County Coalition for Neighborhood Child Health and Madison Area Community Interpretive Service Model
  • Immigrant Populations and Collaboration
  • “Good to Great and the Social Sectors”
  • Exploring Resource and Policy Issues: Water Supplies and Global Warming: Community Based Solutions

Health Care Issues for Individuals, Families and Society

  • Benchmark Developments in Health Care
  • The Complexity of Health Care in the United States
  • The Patient Experience
  • Providers of Care: Hospitals and Ambulatory Care Systems
  • At-Risk Populations: Cultural and Linguistic Barriers
  • The Nursing Shortage
  • Health Care Financing
  • Current Health Issues In Government
  • The Uninsured
  • Health Literacy
  • Palliative Care
  • Patient Complaints and Communicating with Your Health Care Provider